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metal & steel building purlin clip / fastener
The patented HIGH-R® Purlin Clip and the HIGH-R® Quick Attach Clip & Cap are solutions designed to provide a quick and easy installation of materials to the roof purlins or wall girts in a pre-engineered metal building.

The HIGH-R Purlin Clip was designed to secure the plastic trim that holds rigid insulation panels in place. With some attachments, as seen to the right, the Purlin Clip can also be used to fasten such things as lighting.

The special design of the Quick Attach Clip & Cap, patent pending, makes attaching scrims, banding and other materials to the under side of the roof deck or side walls a snap. They eliminate the hassle of using self-tapping
screws with washers to drill through the metal structure. Just clip and go.metal & steel building purlin clip / fastener with lighting attachment

The Quick Attach Clips work by sliding over the edge of the purlin or girt. The material is then put into position and captured with a plastic cap that locks onto the prong. No tools required. Order Now - 888.595.2763


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fasteners clips metal building steel building pins insulationquick attach clip and cap on purlin holding radiant insulation in steel buildings
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Insulation system kits and all system parts are also available for purchase.

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